1 Simple Trick That Will Replace Your Whole Marketing Force

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The Art of building rapport with your clients is one of the most effective ways businesses turn stray leads into loyal long-term customers.

Especially when applied to your email marketing tactics it can be a real game changer. Let’s explore 5 reasons:

1. Increase email delivery

Spam filters eat up first-time email addresses that contain links, resulting in your lead never seeing your offer. Creating life-like conversations fools spam filters. Helping you leave with more conversions and IP’s with better reputation.

2. Steer lead beliefs in your direction

With a newsletter a lead can quickly feel overwhelmed, skip important info, and just delete or leave it idle. Sending short messages that are tailored to user responses can increase a leads interest in your offer. When you create natural conversation between leads that build on your product or service – the lead will become pre-conditioned to buy long before the pitch and even make it feel like it was their idea.

3. Gives you market research without the surveys

Although email marketing is typically automated you can make POP3 accounts that will save the conversations. This gives you the ability to  always go back in your inbox and read the conversations your leads had with your pre-made scripts. Not just does reading over  previous “rapport building conversations” let you know what your lead wants BUT it also gives you insight to how you can maximize user experience in the future (in terms of autoresponders & user experience).

4. Differentiates you from your competition

How many people are flooding the same type of templates to their leads in newsletter like waves? Switching your emails up into small rapport builders keeps it exciting for everyone, your leads will thank you.

5. Saves time of setting up colorful newsletters

Creating fancy newsletters across weeks or months is very time consuming. Stop thinking conventional and blur your list in with convos and other rapport builders. Try to think of ways to engage your leads instead of just flashing buy now buttons in front of them.


It’s important to understand that branding is key to success. And you want a positive connotation when it comes to your brand.

Here are some things we can agree on right now:

  1. Email Prospecting works and is a prominent marketing tactic.
  2. Most cost-effective and efficient way to communicate and sell to your
    new prospects and leads is emailing
  3. Building rapport is key when building trust and turning new leads into real sales.
  4. You need to build massive rapport, so that your leads “know, like and trust you” and are more
    likely to buy from you
  5. It’s essential that you only use ethical, honest and “white-hat” marketing strategies to convey
    your marketing message

All these concepts are critical for your business’s success and longevity.


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Since early highschool Alex has been tinkering with online projects. Now, Co-founder of Enzlo Inc, a software and web company that established itself by developing it’s own email marketing software, online selling platform, and subscription sites. - Instagram

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