4 Ways To Finish College Before Your Peers While Doing Less

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Don’t go into school thinking there is just one way to get through it all. Many successful people use a reverse engineering tactic when it comes to reaching their goals (in this case finishing college early). What you want to do is know what is required and work backwards what you need to finish and then figure out how you can get that using actual classes as your last resort.

If you take these steps into consideration finishing college 1, 2 or 3 semesters early is not far out of the question. Even with transferring schools or slacking off a semester.


After a avg 60-90 min test and some easy study time you’re done with that 3-4 credit class forever. Boom, Done!

1. A CLEP test is about 75 min
2. Study time requires maybe a week of 1-2 hours a day (to pass one of the more challenging exams like Calculus or for me English)

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2. Study abroad

Nothing is more simple and awesome than a 10 day study abroad trip during spring break, winter break, summer, etc. Have 4-6 pre meetings before the trip, and before you know it you just scored the most awesome (and educational) 3-4 credits of your college career (In 10 days).

1. You sign up for the class
2. Perseverance to apply for study abroad scholarship (usually takes under 30min)

not sure if I’ve ever heard someone regret it

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3. Always question what your guidance counselor tells you

When I was a Junior I was already so fed up with the poor advice I have been receiving over the past couple of years I would literally call my counselor out for whatever horrible idea they suggested.

1. Believe there is always a better way
2. Get multiple sources of feedback

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4. Take more than 4-5 classes

Ok maybe this one isn’t exactly doing less but might not be as crazy if you just organize your schedule. My tip is only pick classes that are once per week. The point here is that: You will never get ahead when you’re trying to get even. And 4-5 classes is even (especially when you realize you need to drop one).

1. You sign up for 6-7 class’s

u might just be surprised

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