Winkbrew started off as a simple google blogspot site. The intention was to act as a personal journal to keep track of my home brewing adventures during my highschool and early college years. Sometime late high school (2011) I purchased mainly to shorten the URL and have more freedom to post. To my surprise I virtually stopped winkbrew because this was the same time I started a few other business’s with my brother.

Fast forward a few years and a few companies later… and like a historian I “rediscoverd” Unfortunately I’m not brewing much anymore mainly because I moved to NYC – A place where a shared studio is no place to setup a home brewery. However, I didn’t want to get rid of the site and all the posts I’ve made in the past. So I decided to, like in the past, to document what I was doing now. Obviously this time about the business and not so much beer. Therefore, I revamped most of the site up (some of the brewing articles are untouched), added new sections, and gave the site a new purpose.

Winkbrew now follows my latest’s projects, allows me to practice writing (100% not my forte), and share my knowledge.

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