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I brewed 7 extract/partial mash batches and I knew where I wanted to go next.  It did involve a bigger investment but is well worth every cent in quality, possibilities, and satisfaction.

In this article I’ll share my adventures of all grain brewing and where I’m at now.




First All Grain Setup.

  1. Develop a Basic Brew plan – try to avoid doing what i did and start brewing without some brew plan. By now you should know most of the steps to brewing, so make sure you have every part down. The basics are obvious such as mash tun, and large brew kettle, but consider things like the lautering tun and how your make shift or hopefully a more professional sparge arm will work.
  2. Just start – At first I watched countless videos and read countless articles and books about it. Even though it did build important fundamentals it also made it seem like a more daunting task. So my best  advice is go for it and after a few batches you’ll figure things out by trial and error. This article will hopefully relieve you of some of those Gilligan mistakes.

How I started All Grain…. Very unprofessional.

  My grain mill right out of the package

Pumpkin batch for Thanksgiving

My First homemade Brew Sculpture
  •  I wanted to be able to brew inside without worrying about any dangerous gases from a burner so I went electric.
  • I purchased a sparge arm, an electric heater, and induction pot and somehow put all the parts together on a very sturdy metal frame rack from Sams club.  Those are the exact ones linked above that I have in case you were wondering what type I decided on.
  • For my water supply I hooked a carbon filter up under my sink and get the water from there. It is very good tasting!


It looked sick when the Barley Crusher was on top the mash tun but I forgot to take a picture of that. Ill probably add one from another brew sometime soon.


Thats the old pot. Which I still had to bring outside to a burner, thats why the electric heater isn’t in place.

The new setup in Jacksonville, FL
With the new location I also added a few new kettles for larger more efficient  batches. I also switches over to gas instead of electricity. This is mainly dude to the fact that it would of been very expensive to install it and change the outlets through out the house to supplying the power.. Non the less gas is a cheap alternative and brings the water and wort to a quick boil!! So its not all to bad.


Here’s what came in the mail:



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