What the #ASW16 Vegas Trip Meant For Us

Affiliate Sumit West 2016 and ViceOffers

We’ll that was a ruthless convention.

(Thanks to OGads.com, for taking us out to club hakkasan.)

We got a lot done at the convention. Met some great new contacts and gather awesome new ideas all over.

Here’s some of the main goals we we’re looking to achieve:

  1. Whitelabel offers to add to our network.
  2. Meet with our new payment processor Tipalti
  3. Find AN looking to host some of our exclusive offers
  4. Discover new traffic outlets for our software
  5. Have a great time

This was the biggest affiliate convention I’ve gone too. Luckily we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to and much more. The amount of contacts we made we’re absurd. Time to put my efficient networking strategy to the test again.

Was a great outcome to the convention. We’ll be planning to go to the #ASE16, which would make that the 4th convention for me. Phew.

Here’s some IG pics:

Last day round 2 of #ASW16 we got our work cut out for the new year

A photo posted by Alex Winkler (@mralexwinkler) on

Off for my morning stretch. #ASW16 was a good one.

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If anyone’s looking for free koozies message us at ViceOffers

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