How To Make Your Own Wine

Wine in Keg

Well I guess I had to try it eventually. I actually did a very old batch back when I fist started brewing beer in 2010, using the ghetto rigged gallon water bottle jug and balloon method.. I’ll explain this too. The size of the batch is up to you: I did 1 gallon for the first…

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Green Beer for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day takes place on March 17th of every year. It’s a day that is celebrated by people around the world, but originated in Ireland as a religious day to celebrate the teachings of Christianity by St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Because St. Patrick is the Patron Saint, the day became a…

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Kegging Your Beer 101


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Becks Leaving Germany

becks beers winkbrew

Beck’s looking to open another brewery in St Louis, MO for North American customers.     So you might be thinking that another brewery is great, Lower prices and more beer! But think about the consequences. After doing some research here are some of the main problems I have discovered. Change in recipe? – With out the German purity…

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Racking Tips

Racking into Glass Fermenter clip

Racking can be fairly simple as long as you have the right tools. 1. Auto siphon!! or any sort up pump. Sucking on the tube to get the flow started works too but it just risks contamination and is cumbersome. **If racking secondary try and reduce oxidation, other then that creating foam in the primary…

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Beer Fermentation 101

Fermenters carbonating in chest freezer

A very critical stage in brewing that needs just as much attention to any other phase of the brew day. I’ve lost more beer to a bad fermentation then anything else,  if there even is anything else. Either way it’s important stuff here’s a list of what to watch out for..   Ales Temp: 65-75…

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Making Your Own Yeast Starter

Yeast in starter

Making a starter really is a Great way to make sure your fermentation will be as vigorous as can be. It’s fairly simple and can require little equipment. Now there is definitively a professional way of going about it but that’s for people with money to blow. And includes magnetic stir plates, flasks, other lab equipment, and I really want to do it soon…

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Dream Homebrewing Equipment

New AG setup equipment

Looking for places to buy some larger scale brew equipment? Check out a few of my favorites:   Larger Brewery Scale Still Home brewing Level I am not paid for these links, just wanted to show them to you plus it helps me…

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Wink Brewery Moves to North Florida

North Florida Winkbrew

I am still getting settled in with the website but let me catch you up where the brewery is now! Since I just moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to attend UNF, I am slowly moving with me all my equipment, which Isn’t all to easy in my KIA Forte.. I am hoping to have a batch underway by the end…

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3 Must Watch Shows For Beer Lovers

most watch beer shows beer tv winkbrew

For someone that deeply enjoys the craft of brewing it is always exciting when a beer show, movie, or documentary turns on. For some reason its hard to stay off your toes and get deeply into it and become extremely judgmental of everything that goes on. So if you just got done brewing or are to lazy to keep brewing…

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