How To Become A Better Brewer


What is being a professional brewer mean? Is it making crazy extreme beers never thought of before or simply having every batch you brew, no matter what the type, come out delicious.

Besides Brewing brewing and endless amount of batches there are also many other ways to increase your knowledge about the craft of brewing and becoming the brewmeister you dream of being.

  1. Read forums, magazines, and books
    – I feel like virtually ever topic is covered to some degree somewhere online, which sheds a pretty good like on brew problems which different perspectives. Also during moments where there isn’t much to do while brewing is the perfect time to explore a brew magazine or beer book. You will always find something new and interesting which will help turn you into a better brewer.
  2. Watch videos or shows
    – Now more then ever theres plenty of videos on places such as YouTube that allow you to see other peoples setups and equipment. Even shows like Brew Masters with Sam Calagione are interesting shows, that even though don’t provide much helpful information brewers are looking for, it shows you what else is possible and gets you even more pumped to brew.
  3. Get out and talk to other brewers
    – stores, festivals, competitions all offer you a great experience and information on new frontiers of brewing.
  4. Build something
    – get more involved in your brew sculpture. Once i got down building my wort chiller, way back when i first started brewing, is was pumped to brew another batch and brew more after that. I also built an All Grain brew sculpture that allows me to easily use gravity to my advantage in the brewing process.
  5. Always think about brewing!!
    -Write about it, talk about it, sing about it, don’t stress about it, and dedicate your next beer too it!


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