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One of the best ways to increase your knowledge and thirst for beer besides actually doing it is reading. I try to read as much as I can about beer and with every book and brew session I feel myself becoming much better and well rounded brewer.




Brew books that I have and my thoughts.

  1. Brew Bible – After reading through some of this book I really understand why it got its name. This was my first brewing related book and it helped clarify so much for me. The book is neatly organized so if you wanted to find something out about yeast or AG you can simply flip to that section. Theres so many in-depth topics it’s mind blowing and I believe brewers of all levels can benefit from it! You can also get an instant e-book copy just by simply Clicking Here!
  2. Brewing Up a Business – Fantastic book by Sam Calagione, that talks about his experience starting up a brewery and what his drive is, it really makes you just want to get up and brew some more beer or even start your own brewery.
  3. Brew Ware – Interesting ideas to making equipment for any level of brewer. Especially if your about to take the step into AG brewing.
  4. The Beer Trials – This book covers so many different types of beers its great. I feel like its fairly accurate when it comes to the ratings of the beers and is interesting to look the beer up and see how others feel about it from tastes, aroma, head, color, “hoppyness”, and overall score.
  5. Travels with Barley – I got this book from a friend for my birthday. It doesn’t cover much about brewing but has some fun reading about some beer places around America.


I have been brewing for a little over 2 years now but have never formally taken a class. However I feel secure in saying that I know my way around the brewing process like I just graduated from a top brew academy. How? Because I put in the time to research and read a  vast variety of books about brewing as well as my bounty trial and error runs.

If your looking for an instant beer book that will improve your brewing, try two of my favorites.

For Beereasy Click Here!  or For betterbrew Click Here!

Don’t forget that to let me know if you have any other books you’d like me to add
and that I got more books I need to put up so check back soon!

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