Building A Mash Tun

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I decided to build a 10 gallon mash tun Building A Mash Tun Building A Mash Tun using a Rubber-maid circular Orange cooler I purchased off of eBay. Which turned out to be a Blue Gott Cooler instead once it arrived. Which didn’t really matter because all the dimensions and sizes ended up being the same and I don’t really care much about the color.



Getting Started:

Prop the 3 piece tap out and save the parts just in case you want to reuse them or maybe just on of the parts such as the washer.

Next I went to Lowe’s in search of some Fittings to construct the Valve and False Bottom.
Sadly after Multiple frustrating visits I just couldn’t get the right parts I needed so I ended up ordering the


Weldless Basic Kettle Conversion Kit
Brass with No Barb from Midwest which wasn’t to much of a hassle because I was already ordering more recipes and equipment with it. Lastly with


Some steel tubing I got from Lowe’s which I build a simple False Bottom out of. Cut off the two ends and pull out the plastic tubing inside.











Overall Price for everything 

  1. Gott 10 gal. Cooler 45$
  2. Weldless Conversion kit 27$
  3. False bottom parts. 8$
Total came out to about 80$, which is not a huge difference then if I had just bought one strait but I did ended up saving about 20-40$ depending what kind I would of bought. Overall I was still happy I built my own because I enjoy doing it and I look forward to brewing with it all the more.

Some more final pictures:

Then You can just screw on a barb with the fittings you need.
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