Speidel’s Braumeister Pros and Cons

Not sure if you have heard of this nifty brew system but its is an All-In-One Brew Machine that does it all! I came across it when I was looking up information for my electric brew system but after that I have seen it many more times on Home brewing websites and magazines such as BYO.…

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Measuring your beers alcohol

Measuring Beer Gravity

You can find our your home brewed beers alcohol content by simply plugging in your measured OG and FG and plugging it into this equation. I typically just estimate it based on the OG right from the boil kettle. (Usually the final Alcohol % is right under the OG) However, if your trying to be a bit…

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Cleaning Bottles Made Easy

logo remix erasted

This must be the worst part of home brewing. Cleaning anything really isn’t much fun; plus bottles put up a real fight and when their a little older it which makes it a whole lot worse. So I devised a method where I really don’t have to do to much.     1. Pre-Cleaning & Gathering Phase.  Besides…

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How To Become A Better Brewer


What is being a professional brewer mean? Is it making crazy extreme beers never thought of before or simply having every batch you brew, no matter what the type, come out delicious. Besides Brewing brewing and endless amount of batches there are also many other ways to increase your knowledge about the craft of brewing…

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All Grain Brewing


I brewed 7 extract/partial mash batches and I knew where I wanted to go next.  It did involve a bigger investment but is well worth every cent in quality, possibilities, and satisfaction. In this article I’ll share my adventures of all grain brewing and where I’m at now.       First All Grain Setup.…

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Extract brewing

Extract and Partial Mash Brewing

Extract Brewing is a great phase of brewing. It is much more simple and less demanding then all grain and it gives you enough room to experiment with different beer types and methods. Also during this stage you build strong fundamentals in brewing knowledge that will later allow you to move onto bigger and better things (like all grain).    …

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Building A Mash Tun

Mashtun winkbrew

I decided to build a 10 gallon mash tun Building A Mash Tun Building A Mash Tun using a Rubber-maid circular Orange cooler I purchased off of eBay. Which turned out to be a Blue Gott Cooler instead once it arrived. Which didn’t really matter because all the dimensions and sizes ended up being the…

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Buiding Your Own Wort Chiller

wort chiller

    After trying to cool my first batch of steaming hot wort in a cold tub of ice i realized that was just not efficient in any aspect so I went straight to looking into a wort chiller. Online there were a whole bunch of sick looking wort chillers but the prices were ridiculous. Therefore…

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Grain Mill

barley crusher

I love my Barley Crusher. It really gets the job done but be sure to use an electric drill of some sort to do the crushing, otherwise it is simply just work and no one likes that. For me personally it made a lot of sense. Living in the middle of nowhere (brew store related.. ) stocking up on…

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