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Drinking Rule

Practice makes perfect!  In this case when i first started brewing I hardly knew anything about the making of beer, wine, mead, etc. Every time a brew I still figure out more in every subject from sanitizing to time of hop addition.     BUY an Auto Siphon Pump for Beer or Wine. This this is incredible! Back when I…

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How To Become A Better Brewer


What is being a professional brewer mean? Is it making crazy extreme beers never thought of before or simply having every batch you brew, no matter what the type, come out delicious. Besides Brewing brewing and endless amount of batches there are also many other ways to increase your knowledge about the craft of brewing…

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The Winkler Brewery History (Start)

“The beginning of something great” I started Brewing in the Summer of 2010, when my dad and I tried out a very simple extract brew system from I believe it was, Mr. Beer. Even though this was as basic as it got and the final beer (even though it was a Pale Ale) tasted more like a…

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question mark

If there’s anything you have a question about or just want me to post leave a comment on the most relevant post/page, email me, or leave a comment on the WinkBrewFacebook Page – I’ll be happy to get right on it. Keep looking for more Home Brewing Tips httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRTK6hLb0ow&feature=player_embedded

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