Cleaning Bottles Made Easy

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This must be the worst part of home brewing.

Cleaning anything really isn’t much fun; plus bottles put up a real fight and when their a little older it which makes it a whole lot worse.

So I devised a method where I really don’t have to do to much.



1. Pre-Cleaning & Gathering Phase. 

Besides kegging I have an igloo cooler in my “sanitizing room” with a 5 gal igloo cooler full of water and oxy-clean. So whenever I have an empty bottle laying around I just throw it in there. It works great and is not to demanding. Also It cleans the bottles so well whenever I put a new bottle in there with labels they just fall right off!

2. Accumulation Phase

Once the igloo cooler is full I take the bottles out rinse them and put them on my beer tree.

3. Pre-Filling Phase

For the final sanitation step before I bottle I stick the bottles from the beer tree into the wash machine, on the sanitize setting, with no soap.

4. Bottling Phase

Before I cap the newly filled beer bottles I also soak the caps in iodophor and water prior to using them.

The well retained head of the beer is proof that these steps get the job done!
It’s a wonderful little method, try it; let me know if it works well for you too or if you have any other ideas!


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