Easiest Way To Massively Boost Productivity

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Let’s see what I have planned for this week.

Like I was mentioning last week in why Why Mondays Keep Getting Better our online monthly subscription site is switching backends. I know many of you guys know the headaches this comes with. Luckily, for us our current one sucks so bad that the struggles of the transfer is completely shadowed by the smoothness of the new CRM we are moving to.

The next thing is Tipalti. As simple as the concept is.. use them to send all your mass payments just add the iframe to your network. There’s a lot more that goes behind it. So I need to bunker down on those pdf guides they sent me. So I can help our developer as much as possible. They key for me is to focus on making sure all the banks and payment platforms are correctly connected.

It’s officially booked I am back to NYC for about a month starting the 10th. I can get more in the details of that trip next Monday. What’s important is that everything at the network is as smooth as possible before then. So I need to really pump that out hard all week.

I need to wake up early.

And once I’m up I need to be productive.


What’s the way to boost productivity? And just as easily kill it..

We’ll your gonna love it because it’s 1 thing you already do (everyday).

Just need to slightly amend / optimize it.

Eat & drink. Healthy.

Here’s the tips I have picked up along the way. I won’t go too in detail. Just giving it to you straight. It’s easy to dig deeper else where.

1. Drink loads of water. And.. add a lemon

Water is key to washing out all toxins. Something to remember is that coffee dehydrates you and when your dehydrated your not going to be getting work out.

The lemon part is something I myself picked up recently. It’s not just tasty and refreshing, but it stimulates the mind. You’ll feel the difference. Sometimes it works just as good as a coffee when I’ve been drinking too many anyway.

2. Don’t eat fatty food

We all know that Asian takeout puts you to sleep. Be smart, snack on fruits and vegetables and you’ll never get that massive wave of tiredness hit you. It’s great. It’s known that 2 bananas will get you through any workout.

Bananas are an excellent source of instant energy and help build strong muscles.

Don’t mess around and eat a banana.

Look it up.


Now back to work!


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