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barley crusher

I love my Barley Crusher.

It really gets the job done but be sure to use an electric drill of some sort to do the crushing, otherwise it is simply just work and no one likes that. For me personally it made a lot of sense. Living in the middle of nowhere (brew store related.. ) stocking up on some freshly milled grains before brew day was not to simple. I rely on ordering all my grain and the only way to make sure it’s as fresh as can be is by using the a grain mill, and it is pretty bad ass.


What difference does it make?


    • An important step when going  All Grain
    • Keeps Barley and other grains fresh before brew day
    • Crush any grains you find
    • Not to pricy in the AG word. (I got mine from Midwest for a fairly good price; little over $100)
    • Pretty Bad Ass looking







I’ll be sure to always add more images of mill in its new position with the evolving brewery.

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