How Is Coffee The New Liquid Goldmine For Everyday Drinkers?

Coffee is Liquid Gold winkbrew

Do you already drink coffee everyday?

Learn to turn sips into cash.


Step 1: Decide how much you love coffee.

Can you picture yourself being an advocate for coffee with loads of certifications and a brand of over 50 years of brewing experience?

Right now small business owners, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a little part time can make extra money on the side. There are already many people that have made this form of product ambassador business either replace or completely exceed their former incomes and expectations.

An opportunity like this would give you benefits of:

  • Running your own business
  • Working flexible hours
  • Getting paid for what you put in
  • Ability to scale your operations anytime
  • Meet new people and find networking opportunities

If yes, then let’s continue.


Step 2: Quick business setup

We’ll get into the selling aspect later because it get’s too interesting. For now let’s get the minimal requirements together to start your venture.

To promote & represent our coffee we need to be able to track your traffic.

Luckily, this is a lot more simple then you might imagine.

Just make an account here:

Don’t worry about not knowing all the questions in the form. Answer them to the best of your ability. Remember to do the last question “Add The.Slug04 on Skype.”, if you don’t have one please make one now to make sure your account is approved.

Once your account is reviewed and you get approved. You will get access to your code & all the tools you’ll need to find more leads then you ever imagined.

Quickly make your account now.


Step 3: Marketing

This is where your going to want to complete step 2 completely.

Once you contact your account manager they will be able to go through some juicy marketing tactics right away.

Don’t want to give too much away but one method they will help you use a software that will turn prospects into qualified leads.


Good Luck & Happy Networking!

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