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We all know the situation.

Leaving a convention, seminar, summit, or one of a 100 different type of networking events with 50+ business cards.

“Now what? I know there we’re 6 in there somewhere that I 100% want to get a meeting with. And maybe another 25 that would be good to keep in my network.”

Soon tomorrow comes around..

“I got 20 more cards and now I’m overwhelmed. Shit I already lost half of my stack of new cards. Great.”

I know this was me for most of college when I was trying to get my business off the ground.

But luckily, It doesn’t always have to be like this.

In this post we will be organizing this mess into something highly efficient and effective in achieving long term benefits from piles of new business cards / connections.


Step 1. Creating your contact database.

This step might be easier than expected. Since most people have somehow a google account if it’s from their youtube account, email, android, etc. The reasons you probably already have one are endless.

Here’s the URL:

Now you may realize there are already a bunch of contacts there. For now, let’s ignore these and if any delete the default groups (family, friends, business) – that is too general. If someones on my contact list I know their my friend and I know who of my contacts is family. Those groups are worthless.

Now let’s organize your contacts in segments or groups as they call it in Google Contacts.

Make it very specific so you can find individuals quicker later.

Here’s an example of some of mine:

  1. IT / Dev / Code
  2. Legal
  3. BNI
  4. Rotary
  5. Fort Lauderdale
  6. NYC
  7. Finance

** I don’t use circles. Because that’s double the work and I need groups for email. Google should just merge the two. 

** Still looking for a way to search contacts for people in multiple groups. Example someone who’s in BNI, Fort Lauderdale, and Legal.


Step 2. The begging of the end of your new Biz Cards.

Collect your pile of business cards + other scraps of new contacts of names and #’s.

Download: CamCard Free

Cam Card App logo

– Business card scanner & Business card reader & scan card

– Available on Android and iPhone.


Step 3. Scan all your cards

I know this part is tedious but once you get through your main pile of cards the key is to do this consistently as you get new cards.

This app usually get’s clean cards right but I would recommend reading over all entered data (especially the emails and #’s). I usually don’t care about the address and delete it.

Once you save a contact make sure to save it to the right Google Contacts Groups.

** If your at a large conference, more importantly one that you think you’ll return to. Consider adding those new contacts to another new group with the name of that event. That way if you ever return to that event next year you can email all those contacts. Let them know your back and ready for round 2. It will change the way you start a conference.


Step 4. Growing your network

Keep adding new contacts and groups. You will see your network become more tangible and as a result more beneficial to you.

You wont ever have that moment where you wish you remembered that guy or wish you still knew people from this event.

Little by little you will notice you can start utilizing your network like you have never before in the past. It’s beautiful after a few events and your network feels bigger than ever before.

Suddenly you find yourself saying.

“I have have someone for that.”

celebration winkbrew


Concept 1. Mass Contacting A Group

Or… How to avoid looking like an impersonal, mass networking tool.

Nobody wants to get an email where they can see dozens of other email’s along with their email address. It’s not personal and it make you just want to click delete.

To many email addresses

But sometimes you need to contact everyone in a group. After all that’s 1 of the reasons you made them. For this specific task.

However, we sure as h*** are not going to contact them 1 by 1.

So here’s a cool, quick, and free way to contact them all.

Step 1. Download all leads (old GC view) > More > Export… > Select Group > Select Outlook CSV Format > Expot

Step 2. Download Mass Email Software

Download TEAR – The Best Mass Emailing Software

Step 3. Send Out Email

Login to TEAR app > create campaign > add SMTP and POP3 account’s > add email template > Import Leads > Run AutResponder > Manually SMTP Check

** If you run into any issues, TEAR has loads of tutorial videos. Once you use it once you will be happy you learned because you might be really excited to see how else it could help utilize and grow your network and business.

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