Measuring your beers alcohol

Measuring Beer Gravity

You can find our your home brewed beers alcohol content by simply plugging in your measured OG and FG and plugging it into this equation.

I typically just estimate it based on the OG right from the boil kettle. (Usually the final Alcohol % is right under the OG)

However, if your trying to be a bit more professional…


*Copy the equation to Google search to quickly get your answer.

(((1.05x(OG-TG))/TG)/0.79)*100 = Your beers alcohol content.


Here’s an example. If you measured your OG = 1.059 and FG  = 1.015
(((1.05 x (1.059- 1.015)) / 1.015) / 0.79)*100 = 5.76167612

Plug in the numbers. (((1.05 * (1.05900 – 1.01500)) / 1.01800) / 0.79) * 100 = 
and your beers alcohol content will be 5.74469672 or about 5.8%.  Mmmmm…

** Don’t forget to measure your Gravity when your done brewing; it is too easy to forget and before you know it all your wort is mixed with the yeast in the fermenter that has no spigot. Great. 
Other than that you should be good to go!

Let me know if you have any questions!!
Don’t forget to get Resourceful.. 











Pre-American Made Becks mmm..

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