Oatmeal Stout Ale

Oatmeal stout ale

Oatmeal Stout Ale


For the new year I wanted to brew something I’ve never tried before. So I decided to Brew an Oatmeal Stout Ale.



Everything about this beer is going to be unique. 1) Believe it or not but I’ve never brewed a real dark beer. 2) It’s got Oats in it… and a ridiculous amount of other specialty malts. And 3)…. It’s an Ale, and I do mostly lagers.


-This Stout has more body than our Irish Stout. This kit is smoother, slightly sweeter, and has a clean, roasted, malty flavor and chewy texture from the oats.

Origin of Style: UK
Color: Dark
Gravity Level: Medium
OG: 1.042-1.046 FG: 1.014-1.018
Hop Rating (1-4):1
  • Barley:
    1. Base Malt: 9 lbs. Domestic 2-Row barley
    2. Specialty Grains: 8 oz. Rolled Oats, 12 oz Chocolate Malt, 12 oz. Roasted Barley

  • Hops1 oz. Fuggle
  • Yeast: Used Dry, but can use Wyeast Irish Ale 1084 or White Labs Irish Ale WL004

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