Dream Homebrewing Equipment

New AG setup equipment

Looking for places to buy some larger scale brew equipment? Check out a few of my favorites:   Larger Brewery Scale http://www.nabrewing.com/complete/0423107bblbrewerysys.shtml http://brewmates.com/equipment/brewing-system-for-sale/ http://www.mecbrew.com/en/Showproducts.asp?id=1 http://www.sbp-breweries.com/?gclid=CL3a85jy8qoCFQ1b7Aod3GSCNg http://www.pico-brewing.com/ http://conical-fermenter.com/products/ http://conical-fermenter.com/in-stock-special-order-items/ Still Home brewing Level http://www.highlanderbrewingsupply.com/servlet/the-18/20-Gallon-Mash-Tun/Detail http://www.homebrewing.org/All-Grain-Equipment_c_185.html http://www.pico-brewing.com/ http://conical-fermenter.com/products/ http://www.williamsbrewing.com/27-GALLON-FERMENATOR-Free-Drop-Shipping-P980.aspx http://conical-fermenter.com/in-stock-special-order-items/ http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?cPath=178_53_146&products_id=1107 I am not paid for these links, just wanted to show them to you plus it helps me…

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Wink Brewery Moves to North Florida

North Florida Winkbrew

I am still getting settled in with the website but let me catch you up where the brewery is now! Since I just moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to attend UNF, I am slowly moving with me all my equipment, which Isn’t all to easy in my KIA Forte.. I am hoping to have a batch underway by the end…

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3 Must Watch Shows For Beer Lovers

most watch beer shows beer tv winkbrew

For someone that deeply enjoys the craft of brewing it is always exciting when a beer show, movie, or documentary turns on. For some reason its hard to stay off your toes and get deeply into it and become extremely judgmental of everything that goes on. So if you just got done brewing or are to lazy to keep brewing…

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Starting a Brewery

brewery drawing

Imagine walking into a store and seeing your own beer on the shelf or being at a party and watching someone drinking your beer, and then being able to tell people about it and all the hard work, dedication, and love you put into that bottle. Wow, just thinking about it makes a true brewery…

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Speidel’s Braumeister Pros and Cons

Not sure if you have heard of this nifty brew system but its is an All-In-One Brew Machine that does it all! I came across it when I was looking up information for my electric brew system but after that I have seen it many more times on Home brewing websites and magazines such as BYO.…

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Measuring your beers alcohol

Measuring Beer Gravity

You can find our your home brewed beers alcohol content by simply plugging in your measured OG and FG and plugging it into this equation. I typically just estimate it based on the OG right from the boil kettle. (Usually the final Alcohol % is right under the OG) However, if your trying to be a bit…

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Cleaning Bottles Made Easy

logo remix erasted

This must be the worst part of home brewing. Cleaning anything really isn’t much fun; plus bottles put up a real fight and when their a little older it which makes it a whole lot worse. So I devised a method where I really don’t have to do to much.     1. Pre-Cleaning & Gathering Phase.  Besides…

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Brew Reading

Beer Brew Books

One of the best ways to increase your knowledge and thirst for beer besides actually doing it is reading. I try to read as much as I can about beer and with every book and brew session I feel myself becoming much better and well rounded brewer.         Brew books that I…

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Excelsior Altbier

Excelsior beer

Excelsior Altbier   Preface  I was looking for a seasonal beer to start brewing in January so i could have it ready by February. So thats when I came across the famous Altbier and got pumped up for brew day.    Description/Ingredients –This traditional German Ale has some of the same characteristics as lager beer. This recipe is full…

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Oatmeal Stout Ale

Oatmeal stout ale

Oatmeal Stout Ale Preface  For the new year I wanted to brew something I’ve never tried before. So I decided to Brew an Oatmeal Stout Ale.     Everything about this beer is going to be unique. 1) Believe it or not but I’ve never brewed a real dark beer. 2) It’s got Oats in it… and a ridiculous amount…

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