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Drinking Rule
Practice makes perfect! 
In this case when i first started brewing I hardly knew anything about the making of beer, wine, mead, etc. Every time a brew I still figure out more in every subject from sanitizing to time of hop addition.



  1. BUY an Auto Siphon Pump for Beer or Wine.

This this is incredible! Back when I started brewing I would either put water in a hose and then try and poor it out to get the beer flowing or I would try to suck in on the tube to create pressure but both was were though, frustrating, messy, and pretty unsanitary. And then to top it off if the  flow accidentally stopped you were basically screwed. The Auto Siphon does it all quick, easy, and sanitary. It feels so good to use it and it is definitely worth the few extra bucks. I don’t even sell them or anything but I am still telling you to stop doing what your doing now and go out and get one if you haven’t already!

  1. Keg don’t bottle!

 I don’t think theres much worse than cleaning and bottling dozens of little bottles. It takes almost 60 of those horrible little bottles for a 5 gallon batch; now imagine 10 or 15 gallons!! That must be horrible.. Also naturally carbonating requires sugar and leaves a pretty murky beer when shaken, which isn’t bad for the brewer but it scares off others. A keg is like one large bottle: you don’t need any sugar and your beer is evenly carbonated at your prefered.

  1. Order In bulk

When it comes to hops and malt try to get away from typical brew ware supply stores and work your way towards larger wholesale stores like Hopsdirect.com. Just make sure to get a scale such as this Digital Scale so you can make sure to measure out small amounts of hops and grain when it comes by the pounds

  1. Fermenting can be messy; Use a blow off Tube

If the wort is getting close to the rim of the fermenter when filling it up, I highly recommend doing away with the air lock. Simply place one end of a fitting tube into the air lock hole and the other end into a bucket of water. I have had a few fermenters blow up on me and even though the beer can be salvaged it is messy and dangerous business.. with contamination in mind.

  1. Expect to make a mess

Even if it’s just water, it’s hard to avoid a spill. Just remember not to stress and take the moment to reflect how insignificant it is the the great beer you will soon have  and pop a cold tasty Home-brew! – Thank you, ongreystreet from HomeBrewTalk.com





Just started this post so many more tips always coming!
Check Back soon!
And let me know if you can think of any other Tricks/Tips for me to add.
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