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Imagine walking into a store and seeing your own beer on the shelf or being at a party and watching someone drinking your beer, and then being able to tell people about it and all the hard work, dedication, and love you put into that bottle. Wow, just thinking about it makes a true brewery “wannabe”owner daze off and smile.

I’ve been debating to myself what would be the best plan of attack to execute one of these things successfully. I’ve devised a list of things that are important to consider.

1) Starting Size:

Ok I think we all know why this is a huge complication. So here’s the problem; brewing equipment is very expensive.If you start too big with a bunch of loans/investors you might not be able to find all the costumers right off the back and run into big losses your first few years of operations which many breweries I read about reported. On the other hand if your too small then you might be able to handle the demand and growing can be very costly, as well as running a pica – micro size brewery can become very labor intensive. Therefore you don’t have to be pressured with high operational costs, quickly find a large audience, and forced to having a steady beer.


2) Type


 Many brewers know about the successful story of Sam founder of Dogfishead craft brewery. He started out with 200,000$ and spent roughly 97.5% of the money on the restaurant and the remaining 5K on brew equipment. (info. from book) for him luckily it worked out perfect and the Brewpub brought in many local fans that loved the beer so the beer had a good foundation to build off of and had a hometown with “stem” customers or ones that always came back.


Everywhere online the one thing I find over and over again is how this is hands down the hardest possible way to go. Actually there is so much negativity about it its unhealthy. Calls for a Beer break.

3) License:

Brewpub License: CMBP

  • $500 annually
  • on premises consumption only

Full Manufacture License: CMB

  • $3000 annually
  • distribute to licensed vendor wholesalers


*In addition too the State License Fee; for vendors distributors and manufactures


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