Why Mondays Keep Getting Better & Better

winkbrew projects in the pipeline

So I’ve been working hard on thinking of a legit posting regiment for WinkBrew. Was highly considering Tuesday and Thursday but I believe I’m going to switch to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Here are the reasons behind it:

  1. I need more practice with writing
  2. Allows me to cover more topics besides my business
  3. Tuesdays a packed day for me, seems to be the real Monday
  4. Opens the weekend to writing more relevant content for Monday

It’s important to organize the week ahead of time. Essentially that is what Mondays are all about. Shit. The earlier the better. I organized this whole post over the weekend. Forgot to add a title though which is why it was delayed today. Next time I’ll have to think about that in adv too. The more out of the way the better. Remember to 20/80 rule.

Major projects in the pipeline.

GreenLabelRoasters a partner company of mine is switching it’s backend. Moving from Shopify to CrateJoy. For a few key reasons. The main one however is to simplify. Shopify can be great, we’ve seen and worked with many excellent stores using that platform. However for a subscription business. It requires quite the ridiculous amount of 3rd party plugins all of which completely destroy your flexibility. New logo, more content, and more offers are on the way. So keep a lookout for their delicious coffee with loads of health benefits taking over!

ViceOffers our Affiliate Network has been hiring new affiliate managers and the applications are pouring in. So been sifting through those pretty adamantly. We’re also getting a new backend built out for our Affiliates and AM’s. Ontop of that we teamed up with Tipalti which will make network payouts more efficient. Really excited to see where we will be a few month from now. If you have any offers or white label opportunities definitely contact viceoffers because it’s on the top of our list as well.

TEAR is going through some major changes as well. We just released version 3.1.5 which has crazy new features (including the long awaited seeding feature). We also have a new ticket support system just built + we have full time phone support now as well – so enjoy! Thanks to a local company here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In other news the Bulgarian company which is behind TEAR is had it’s new office Gala this Saturday! I’ll most more pics about that soon. Regardless you should join the TEAR FB Group to join helpful email marketing discussions (as well as see the cool gala pics first).


Those are some of the bigger projects pinning us down atm. It’s good to be busy and we definitely are. Enjoy guys have a great start to the week!




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