Wink Brewery Moves to North Florida

North Florida Winkbrew

I am still getting settled in with the website but let me catch you up where the brewery is now!

Since I just moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to attend UNF, I am slowly moving with me all my equipment, which Isn’t all to easy in my KIA Forte.. I am hoping to have a batch underway by the end of October, and especially want to have a pumpkin beer ready before thanksgiving roles around. That would be insane, I loved the one i was able to make last year it was very tasty and I am looking to relive it or re-taste it.. ?!?!

Anyway right now the brew equipment is scattered and needs to be set up. I’ll be sure to post pictures of by next Wednesday, There might be a wine in the making too.

Thanks for reading!

Alex Winkler – Brewer and Beer Connoisseur.

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